Join the stickman archers army.

Save villages from dragons ravaging homes.
Be the Hero that they need right now.

Easy to learn, fun to master, rewarding to play.

Invite your friends for a duel through Facebook or fight against random opponents in Multiplayer.

Battle an endless onslaught in Single Player.
Rise the ranks in the Leaderboards.

Grab your bow and arrow, start shooting now.

Maka Maka

Easy to pick up, hard to put down.

A fun, fast-paced and brain-hurting word game.

See your score and rank among friends or all the players around the globe.

Show your skills to the world!

VR Roller Coaster

Put your VR Headset on and jump in a car rolling over the Himalayas. Climb above the clouds and watch the ground below while everything gets smaller.

Beautiful scenery, thrilling ride, immersive experience. Choose from various modes to carry the fun further.


Tetrik is a simple, addictive and enjoyable puzzle game.

Do not let your screen fill with boxes. If you stuck, meet the Squib who is your best friend to get the annoying boxes destroyed.

Challenge to yourself, friends and other players all over the world. Try to be the best at the top list.


A simple, minimalistic, easy to play yet very challenging game from Tafu Mobile.

You should rely on your strategy and reflexes: find all the balls in the circle and don't get stuck!

If a level really annoys you, you can use the powerful laser beam or bomb to clear some balls but you don't actually need that.

Beware, it's addictive! Play responsibly.

Enjoy Tafu.

50 50 Split Up!

Goal is simple: Cut the shapes into equal pieces. It's more challenging and addictive than you think.

There are hundreds of interesting silhouettes to cut too: countries, animals, food and more.

Split them in half, 50 50. Be flawless and get three stars.

Start cutting!